Office Fit Tip 101

Move away from the cubicle. Did you know that exercise increases your creativity and decision making? When the pressure is on at work and you are trying to solve a problem, try heading out the door for a nice walk, fresh air and a good creative conversation with colleagues for about 30 minutes. See what you come up with and show off your new found creativity! 

  • 30 minute lunch: Eat light and take a 15 minute walk.
  • 1 hour lunch: 20-30 minutes of High Intensity Workout, shower for 10mins and eat for 20mins. Go back to work.
  • Short 15 minute breaks are a perfect time to walk and say "hello" to co-workers, regroup and get back on track. 
  • Always stay positive, use your time wisely and be the best at what you do.

Good luck and Happy Work Day!