There are times when life is challenging. I don't know which way is right or wrong. I get caught up in the moment and let my emotions take over...but when I run...when I run, things seem to fall into place mentally and everything begins to make sense. 

I have been running since I was 14 or 15 years old. At first, it was for the love of track and field. I got a taste of competition, winning and glorification that I had never really had before. It wasn't until I was about 19 years old and I broke up with my first real boyfriend that running took on a whole new meaning.

The day of the breakup I was so confused, frustrated and angry I just headed out the front door, barefooted. I ran all the way to my high school track, which was right across the street and I just ran until I could not run any more! It wasn't the smartest thing I had ever done.  I developed blisters to prove that but that day, running relieved me of so much pain. I was able to move on and "get over it"!

Now that I am older, running is a necessity. Like everyone else, life loves to challenge me at work, with relationships and, of course motherhood. When I don't run, it's hard to put things into perspective.

Not everyone enjoys running and I get it. There are days that I can do without it myself but for me, it's instant therapy. I can quietly think and put the pieces of my life's puzzle back in order.

Find your way of running. It could be a bike ride, a long walk or even gardening. Find something that will put things in perspective for you and stop making decisions based off of your emotions.

I am not perfect in any way. I have made a lot of mistakes but now that I am running again...consistently...I am re-teaching myself how to be myself and keep things in running perspective.

THREE exercises ONE workout


This workout is perfect for busy professionals and crazy, busy moms. Get ready to work your upper and lower body while challenging the core at the same time. Go at your own pace, watch my moves in this video and do what you can. Email or comment below with questions. 

Let's get you moving!

  • Push ups w/knees to toes - 1 minute
  • Chest press w/legs straight and lifted - 1 minute
  • Sumo squats w/wood chops - 1 minute
  • 4 to 8 rounds with 15 second break between each exercise 1 minute rest per round

Black History Month | Monday MOJO

Muhammad Ali. One of the greatest athletes and activists of all time. 💥

About a month ago a good/dear friend of mine expressed to me that I have to be my own advocate. She was coaching me for a project that I desperately wanted. Even though I knew she was prepping me for this project, those words melted into my brain and I started to apply those words to my entire life. Immediately things started to change and the world around me looked a lot different.
I imagine the same holds true for Ali. He knew what he wanted, he definitely knew who he was and he had to have the COURAGE to be his on ADVOCATE. Ali paved the way for so many of us, so..

  • Know what you want. ✅
  • Know who you are. ✅
  • Have the courage to be your own advocate.✅
  • Live YOUR best life! ✅✅✅