What Motivates You?


What motivates me?

Keeping up with two teenage daughters and being one step ahead of them. I have to be in shape to keep up with their busy schedules. "The runner-girl" and "the soccer-girl" are growing athletes, social butterflies and hard working students. So, my weekends and week nights are all about running from the soccer field to the track and back to the soccer field...literally! If you are a busy mom like me and have active kids...you have to stay in shape especially when your kids include you in their lives and activities. The way I see it, I only have so many days, weeks and hours left to be with these girls before they fly out on their own...so if I have to run all over town for these big rug rats, that is exactly what I will do! #keepmoving #nevergiveup #workhardplayhard #lifeofanathlete