Motivational Monday


Yesterday, my daughter ran in the Dick Wilkins Frosh/Soph Invitationals at Del Norte High School here in San Diego.  It was a pretty cool day and "TheNia" ran very well (that's what we call her).  The evening session started around 4pm and let me tell you, these kids performed.  I have not missed running track for over 8 years or so but yesterday, I wanted to jump out there and just see what I could do. . ."reality check. . .I would get crushed" LOL! But the thought is there.  :)  

Now that Nia is knee deep in running, I thoroughly enjoy watching all the kids give it there all each week and perform at their best.  The one race that literally gives me a headache is the 100m and 300m hurdles.  It is a challenging race but when I see a kid fall to the ground, it just sends chills up and down my spine.   Maybe it's the mom in me, but I feel their pain.  Well, the girls sophomore 300m hurdle race was not only hard to watch, it was impressive as well.  Hopefully this race I am about to share taught a few lessons to all the other kids and adults watching it as well.  

Hurdle Fall.jpg

A young runner from Catholic Cathedral was seeded to win the race and break the track meet record.  She had only run the event 5 times this season and  ranked as one of the best in the state.  Catholic Cathedral quickly took the lead and I have to tell you, she was impressive to watch.  This girl was smooth coming down the back straight away and around the curve.   You could tell on her face, she HAD THIS RACE!  With only 2 hurdles to go,  she FALLS face down and hard.  Everyone in the stands start to yell at her to GET UP. . .not only does she get up, she finishes the race FIRST and wins!  After she finishes, she stands there with her chin up listening to the announcer congratulate her and later states that she missed the track meet record by 6/10th of a second.  Six-tenths!!! Can you believe that?

Yes, of course there's a lesson to be learned.  Out of the all hurdle races yesterday, there was only one hurdle race where no one fell.  Every kid that fell (except for one), got UP and finished the race.  In life, there are hurdles. . .lots of them and if we fall, we HAVE to get back up.  Whether you run, jog, walk or crawl to the finish line, you have to get up, dust it off and keep going.  Why? because you are only 6/10th away from your goal/blessing and if you give up, you will never know what it feels like to accomplish it!  

Congratulations to ALL the finishers yesterday.  I don't care if you won a race or came in last. . .you finished and that's what is more important.  Finishing and showing others who you are and how you did it.   Happy Running!