Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day! Do what you can to help protect the earth. Recycle, plant trees, help keep our oceans clean and preserve our national parks, as well as the smaller parks our kids love to play at. Be the differences and make a difference. Our government is trying to make changes in our environmental laws that will effect our water and clean air. Please protect this earth and do what you can to help make a difference.

Do your homework on the executive orders our president is signing and find out what the government wants to change when it comes to our environment. Find out how these orders and cutbacks will effect our water, as well as the air we breath. What's happening in Flint, Michigan is happening in other very small towns around our country that have been forgotten. 

Where can you start? Call your local politicians, recycle and teach our kids how to take care of the earth. The earth is a beautiful place and we need to help save it any way that we can. 

Posted on April 22, 2017 .