Standing in the Sand

I was at the beach the other day and the waves were not high at all.  The water would calmly push it's way up to the sand and quietly go back into the ocean.  So, I decided to see where my "energy level" was that day.  If I had good energy, I ASSUMED that the waves would get higher and higher and if I had low energy, the waves would remain the same.  I picked a spot that was comfortable and I stood there.  The water would creep up and fill the bottoms of my feet and that was it.  I was singing one of my favorite Usher songs, still standing in the water when I noticed that the waves were getting a little bigger and the water was now at my ankles.  A few more minutes go by and the water was as high as my knees.  Now I was just testing my energy levels but learned something very different from this silly, little experiment.

I noticed that every time the water would pull back into the ocean, the sand underneath my feet started to feel unsettling and I would start to lose my balance.  It was kind of a scary feeling at first because I didn't expect it.  10 minutes had passed and the waves were now thigh high and the sand underneath my feet really started to shift.  

I was amazed at how much changed occurred within those first 10 minutes of standing there. You have to understand, I had been running up and down that part of the beach for nearly 40 minutes and the tide never got any higher than my ankles.  Did I cause the waves to move that high? I have NO IDEA but what I did receive from that experience is what happened when I stayed calm and steady in a changing environment.  No matter how high the tide got and no matter how much the sand shifted under my feet, I had to strength to stand my ground.  Don't get me wrong, I was a little scared when the waves tried to move me (because I am a horrible swimmer. . . non-swimmer. . .whatever!) but I refused to be knocked down.  Sometimes we are stronger than we think we are especially through constant change or uncertainty.

I can blog and share information on how to grow muscle, increase your physical endurance and eat the right foods but when you start to understand how strong you are as a person. . .that changes the game.  Some of the strongest people are in the tiniest bodies.  Strong people come in all shapes, forms, colors and backgrounds.  Some are noticed and many are not.  There are strong people fighting for a position a work or in a sport, while others are just fighting for their lives.  We all have the ability to stand firm in moving sand, the question is, will you?

I don't know what kind of waves you have in your life.  The waves in your life could be good or bad.  Some of those waves you can surf on and while others can pull you into the ocean just to see if you can swim back to shore.   No matter where you are physically, as long as you are a strong individual mentally and spiritually, everything else will fall into place.  Just stand where you are in sand, show your strength and be ready for change!

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