The Hump Day Challenge

Wednesday Workout:  

March Madness is over and it's time to test your body to see how much it can take.  That was the story for my fitness "fitters" this week!  The following workout includes strength/power training, core and cardio training.  Once you get through the first set of exercises, you have to decide if you can do it one more time or two!  The entire workout will take a good 30 minutes as long as you push your way through and work with a partner!

RECOMMENDED MUSIC:  31 minute Breakin' a Sweat Mix from ROCKMYRUN

Functional Warmup:

Walk or Jog 3-5 minutes / Hip Flexor Stretch / Side Lunges / High Knees / Butt Kicks

SET 1:

30 X Jumping Jacks

30 X Russian Twists (15 each side)

15 X Squats

30 second break

SET 2:

20 X Crunches

15 X Body Squats (option to Jump)

20 X Superman (lay on belly and lift opposite arm, opposite leg)

30 second break

SET 3:

20 X Sagittal Jumping Jacks

5 X Burpees

3 MIN RUN / JOG / WALK (depending on fitness level)

2 minute break REPEAT

When completed. . .static stretch your legs, arms and core holding each stretch for 15 seconds.  

Good luck and be strong!