Put the CIGAR down. . .please?


When you stop smoking, the benefits kick in right away! I had a friend share with me yesterday that they stopped smoking and it had been 5 days.  Cold turkey and went   from one pack a day to 2 cigarettes a day.  The idea of replacing food for a cigarette didn't sit well with them but they were determined.  I encouraged them to try as hard as they could because the benefits of NOT smoking are much greater than if you do smoke AND many of those benefits start RIGHT AWAY!  Here are just a few of them. . . 

  • After just 12 hours of quitting, the carbon monoxide in your body decreases to lower levels and blood oxygen levels increase to normal.  
  • TWO HOURS after quitting, your heart rate and blood pressure will have decreased to near normal levels.  Nicotine withdrawals kick in every 2 hours or so, that is why you hear people say they can clear one pack a day.  You have to fight these cravings.
  • Your heart rate will start to drop back to normal levels after nearly 20 minutes after you have decided to quit.  
  • Your risk of a heart attack will begin to drop.  Smoker's rate of a heart attack is 70% greater than a non-smoker.  
  • Three days after quitting, the nicotine will be completely out of your body and that's when the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal kick in.  Headaches, nausea and possibly cramps.  Remember, this is only temporary. . .your health is what will stick with you.  
  • The human body is AMAZING and when you stop smoking the lungs begin to repair themselves.  The organelles that push mucus out will start to repair themselves and function properly again.  With proper functioning lungs. . .coughing and shortness of breath will decrease dramatically.   This will be a great time to start working out and help those lungs get stronger!
  • After you have quit smoking, you still have to put some time in as a non-smoker to reap the benefits of lowering your chance of heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.  It takes nearly 10-15 years of not smoking to lower your risk of these diseases as if you never smoked in your life.  That's a great goal and reason not to smoke.

Also, think of the money that you would save.  A pack of cigarettes on average cost $5.50-$6.75 (national average) per pack.  That's $38.50-$47.25 a week! Could you take me to lunch or higher me as your trainer? I'm just saying!  That's a significant amount of moola if you are hitting a pack or more a day.  

I am not twisting your arm here (because I can't, this is a blog) BUT the next time you pick up that cigarette. . .think of the harm it can do.  Stop smoking, improve your health and hang out a little longer with us. Good luck and Happy NON smoking!  

Information provided by HealthLine, The Awl and NASM.


Posted on October 23, 2013 .