Motivational Monday

During the weekend and every weekend, I have the privilege to be a part of approximately 90 individual fitness lives each week. That's not a huge number compared to some of my colleagues but when you are a group fitness instructor and see the dedication of members that come to your classes week after week. . .its more than just being in front of people directing them on what to do. Once I realized that what I provide for them is a handful of motivation, I want to bring my best!

One of the reasons why I believe in fitness and running for everyone is the satisfaction you feel when you complete anything with your body you didn't think you could achieve. Visualizing yourself as a different person, a new person makes you want to run an extra mile, do an extra sit-up or just push yourself to the next level.

In the classes that I teach, I have a person of every age, physical ability and ethnicity. Some that walk through those doors would not be considered an athlete according to "society's" standards but MAN, forget about "society's" standards. If you enter the room, sweat and push yourself. . .you are an athlete. If you are thinking about taking a class, boot camp or join a running club, do not get hooked up on what others look like or be intimidated by the instructor. Even thou you are there for "you", everyone there wants to see you succeed in your fitness goal.

Look, obesity and living an unhealthy lifestyle is growing at CraZy rate! It is estimated, for the first time,  that our children will have a shorter life spam because of the non-activities in their lives.  When you walk through the malls or grocery stores, it's almost the norm to be over weight and it doesn't have to be that way. Physical fitness should not be a chore or something that is not fun to look forward to, it is part of your lifestyle. With my participants, they know that they have to work hard but it will be fun and rewarding at the end.

Let's fight obesity together and support each other to be in the best shape of our lives.  Happy  Monday!


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