This past weekend I had the opportunity and now the "honor" of watching my oldest daughter run the 1600m race and the Distance Medley Relay at a local high school distance invitational.  Like most parents, I still see my girls as these little babies who can barely walk and I forget that they are big enough to handle some of the challenges that life hands to them.  So, needless to say, I was scrrred...sick to my stomach and FREAK'N out when the gun went off and she quickly finds her way to the front. . .like. . .the first 50 METERS she's out in front? 

Ahhh!!! Really?... I think to myself, "what the heck is she doing?. . .does she have a strategy. . .what the?. . ."!  Outwardly I cheered her on with a smile, clapping my hands.
The second lap comes and she lost a little momentum and one of the runners jumped in front of her and she took a small lead.  I (annoying parent) strategically found a spot at the 110 meter mark and as she passes I yell "Who's race is this, Nia?". Of course, in my mind no one heard me but Nia (yeah, I was loud, I'm THAT parent) but  it worked. . .she pushes her way back to the front and she held the lead for the rest of the race and wins!  I found out later that her heat was set to be the slowest heat and it suddenly became one of two of the fastest heats out of 6! I learned at the moment that she became an instant game changer because she had a plan. . .a strategy. . ."her plan/her strategy".

It's Monday and you can be the game changer in whatever you do today.  You can set up the entire week and make it a productive and positive one no matter what situation you are in. You might be thinking "but this is my situation and really, where do I start? How do I  'change the game?" . . .Well, let's start there because that's the beauty of it. . .NOT knowing.  Think about it, my girl  is a freshman.  She only knows what she knows and what her coach trains her for.  She is "fresh" with not knowing so her ceiling is set high and unlimited.   She is pushing forward with what she loves to do and she doesn't want to stop.

If you are a runner, cyclist, artist, doctor or a stay-at-home parent trying to find a way to become better or just be happy. . .you have it and you don't know it.  You need a "fresh"man mind to raise your ceiling and change the game.  You do not have to settle with where you are in your life, where you are in relationships or with your fitness goal.  If you have a strategy that you truly believe will get you to the finish line successfully, do it.  If you fall, stubble or someone gets in the way of what you want. . .keep going!

One thing that my daughter shared with me after her race was this.  As she was running and feeling good about her pace,  someone planted themselves on the sidelines to tell her (while she was running) that she was running too fast and to slow down.  She wasn't surprised at this person, decided not to listen and run harder.  She wanted to win and that's the mindset that we can all learn from.  Do not listen to the negative, roll with positive and go get what you have worked so hard for.  You never know, you may win that gold medal and surprise everyone! 

Pretty cool lesson to learn from a "FrOshman". . .as I laugh out loud!