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Focus on the Good Foot

The Foot That is Up!

Loss. Disappointment. Frustration. We have all experienced each of these in some way or another. If we are smart we allow these feelings to be short-lived and we move on. But what about that one thing that eats at us. It may be something on the job, a person in our lives or a difficult family situation. That’s when the real test begins and there are lessons to be learned.

There is a story Deepak Chopra shares about his experience as a monk in Thailand back in 2011. Chopra shaved his head, ditched the shoes and lived as a monk for 30 days. He meditated from 12 midnight to 4am in the morning. The part of his story that intrigued me was about his feet. After about a week, the head monk asked Chopra how he felt and he told him that his feet hurt! Chopra never had to walk through the streets and forest without shoes or socks. The monk asked him how does your feet feel when one is lifted off the ground? Of course, Chopra said it felt good but when it’s on the ground, it hurt. The monk told him to focus on the foot that is lifted. #mindblown

This story really hit home for me because, like everyone else, I have a lot of good things happening in my life but there are a handful of things that tend to feel like that bare foot on the ground, in the forest! It’s called being human. Did you know that focusing on negative thoughts is an old survival tactic? Yep, back in the day when we were fighting off lions, tigers and bears we were in constant “worry and protect” mode.

Now that the world has evolved, we tend to worry about our jobs, families, friends and our health. Negative thoughts is the number one cause of depression and fuels our anxiety. We need to focus on the foot that up and not the one on the ground.

I fight with negative thoughts daily but if there is one thing I have learned over the years for every bad thought that jumps in my head, I have the control to replace it with 2 or 3 positive thoughts. I can control my thoughts. For every foot that’s down, there is a foot that is up. With every step, you are closer to something better. So, focus on the foot that’s up. For every bad foot, there’s a good foot.


Love Yourself. Set Boundaries. Do Not Apologize.

What a day and what a month! I am not sure what is happening to me but I like it. I am finding my voice, setting boundaries and feeling pretty damn good about it.

There comes a time when you get t i r e d of all the BS people keep feeding you. Especially when you work hard, try to do the right thing and respect those who are around you.

Today I was presented with something that did not sit well with me. I had to push back and I have to admit, it felt pretty good. I was reminded of how many times I had to stand up for myself this past year. Month after month, challenge after challenge, it was becoming a daily occurrence and I was getting exhausted, but that’s how life works. Right? Challenges tend to make you stronger in order to handle greater things.

It’s funny how little things remind you that everything is going to be ok. This morning, I put on my favorite arm straps mainly for aesthetics. What I didn’t notice is how I stacked them. The top strap was my name and the bottom strap has the words “STAY STRONG”. It was like my arm straps were talking to me… “NICOL STAY STRONG”.

Look, whoever reads this, I want to share a few thoughts and hopefully help someone stay strong and keep pushing through.

  • Remember, L O V E who you are (right now),

  • Set boundaries (today)

  • Do NOT apologize (ever) for who you are.

Life is too short and challenging. Enjoy where you are now, so you can enjoy where you are going. It’s your life and only your life. Stay strong and make the best of it.

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This Bad Boy....



It is Breast Cancer Awareness month!

This monster of a machine can save your life. I felt something under my left armpit/breast from a self-examination a month ago and scheduled an appointment right away. It was scary and a little painful but worth the trip (painful because I have small ta-ta’s and it takes several attempts to squeeze those peas onto the machine). I am happy to say all is good but there are thousands of women who wait too long. Never be afraid to take care of yourself and start living the life that’s intended for you. Self breast exam are important! Visit your doctor and get your breast examined by a professional ESPECIALLY if you THINK you might feel something no matter what age you are. Be strong and take care of your health. 🎀

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Keeping Your Mind on the right Track


Our minds are very powerful. Did you know, according to experts, the average person experiences 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day? That's A LOT of thoughts going on in that little muscle we called "the brain". No matter who we are, thoughts are moving and grooving in our heads 24/7 and if we don't get a grip on our thoughts, our thoughts will get a grip on us. 

So, let's train the brain to stay positive, focused and under control.

Here are 5 things that I do that might help you keep your mind on track:

  1. Pray/Meditate. Prayer is a huge part of my daily routine. The things I try to accomplish on a daily basis are always bigger than myself and prayer grounds me. If you are not a big believer in prayer, meditation is another great way to recenter your thoughts and focus on what's important.

  2. Surround Yourself with Encouraging People. One thing that I am blessed to have right now are encouraging people in my life. The daily "throws of life" can knock a girl down and it's great to have a team push you back in the ring.

  3. Exercise. Moving your body is a GREAT way to keep the mind STRONG. Focusing on a nice long run, throwing around some heavy weights, participating in a group fitness class you love or simply getting in a brisk walk is a perfect way to relieve stress and organize your thoughts.

  4. Create. Paint, draw or start a new home project. Write. Cook. Take photos. Creativity comes in various forms. Creativity keep your mind on something new and interesting.

  5. Laugh. I LOVE comedy. Great comedians are smart and creative storytellers. They have a way of sharing stories that make you laugh and think of things in a completely different way. When you are laughing, there is not much room for negative thoughts.

Always talk to a accredited therapist or mental specialist for more information.


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Five Ways to Stay Healthy While Working

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The decision has been made, “it’s time for a lifestyle change” and you are ready to be active, fit and healthy. You found the right trainer, gym and/or group to take you to the next level. Yet, one thing remains the same, the office —the thing you call work and all of it’s sugary temptations— the cookies, the morning donuts and those darn pieces of Halloween candy that seem to never go away! Don’t fret, you can creatively change your unhealthy work environment into a healthy work environment in 5 easy steps.

1.      Replace. In order to break bad habits you have to replace them with good habits. The same holds true at work. When co-workers decide to bring donuts, cookies and other sugary snacks, you can decide to bring the fruits and vegetables. This act of change will confuse a few co-workers but you will be surprised at how many will choose a piece of fruit over a donut.

2.      Prep. Did you know the average American spends at least $11.14 on lunch twice a week according to a recent 2017 USA Today article? This statistic doesn’t even include the fancy $3.00 morning lattes. Prepping your lunch is a great way to save nearly $8.00/meal and help control your diet. When you compare a greasy burger and fries to a delicious homemade turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes, you will definitely inspire others to prep with you.

3.      Move. If you are in an office or cubicle, more than likely, you are in a sitting position for most of the day. Well, GET UP and move your body every 20-30 minutes! This is a great way to keep the blood circulating and stay fit throughout the day. It’s easy. Simply stand up and stretch your body from head to toe, walk to the bathroom on the other side of the office or step outside and enjoy some fresh air.

4.      Challenge. What are your co-workers doing to stay fit? Find out, compare notes and then create a fitness challenge in the office. For example, who can do the most workouts in one week? Who can drink the most water on Water Wednesday? And, of course, who can take the most steps in one day? Get creative and get your co-workers to get fit with you!

5.      Be happy. Work is not always the happiest place on earth. Many times there are long hours, stressful situations and too many people to deal with. Happiness is a choice no matter how much work gets in the way. So, start smiling! Bring something into your workspace that reflects who you are and warms your heart. When you smile and greet someone with a beautiful “hello”, they have no choice but to return the favor.

Remember, nothing changes overnight but consistency along with a positive attitude will breakdown barriers and start to change almost any work environment for the better.

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