Photo provided by pexel.com

Photo provided by pexel.com

Goal setting only works if you work.

Knowing what needs to be done is different from what actually gets done.

This year, I did something a little different. Not only did I write my goals down, I keep track of them DAILY. What’s so different about that? In previous attempts, I wrote down my goals, pinned them to the wall and tried to remind myself I have goals to accomplish (that stopped working for me). After a while, I would forget the paper was even there, I stopped paying attention to what I wanted and I suddenly saw a squirrel run across the room, YESSSS, I LOST FOCUS!

Now? Today?

I write down goals daily. Yes, I did write down my overall goals but this time, I really broke it down by years, months, weeks and days. By breaking it all down, it’s easier to see each tree in the forest. It’s a process and I want to enjoy every step of the process, good and “lessons learned”. I am getting things done, whether I want to do it or not.


Another thing I did differently this year, I found a group through MEETUP who hosted a group of working professionals to encourage and guide us on how to put their vision boards and goals together. It was fun, productive and a great way to start the new year with new/amazing people.

I know we are moving into February and the focus will be love and relationships, but don’t lose site of all the goal setting that took place in January. Make sure you keep a list of what you want, write it down, check your calendar daily and hang out with people who will hold you accountable in the healthiest way possible.

Remember, it’s never too late to do the right thing!