FREAK or just being HEALTHY


It's not about being a "fitness freak" it's about being healthy and in shape.  Of course, there is a little "FREAK" in all of us, whether it's sports, politics or just being weird but we own it and love it! Yet, why do we think that adding a little exercise in our day will make "fitness freaks" out of us? Exercise   should be a part of your life and that could be something as simple as walking, gardening or dancing.  You owe it to yourself and to those who are special in your life. . .even your dog!  I have always incorporated running and a good workout into my day whether I worked full or part time AND with my stinky kids too.  That still  holds true today.  It's like I never put the running shoes away and I am SO GLAD that I didn't!

My family's health history consists of breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.  For a few, these health concerns have taken their lives and has deeply effected my family unit.  For me,  I have been blessed to have a mother who quickly recognized the dangers of not being healthy and accepting a sedentary lifestyle.  Growing up she made sure that our meals did not contain a lot of salt or sugar.  My mom would have a lot of fruit and vegetables in the fridge, make sure our junk food was limited and made us drink tons of water.  We were also very lucky to have a large backyard and all the kids in the neighborhood would come over and start an incredible game of kick ball or wiffle ball.  She had us ALWAYS moving!  Now we have computers and computer games that take up a lot of our time.  Take control and limit your time on the computer. 

30 minutes a day is all you need to get your body going! I read an article today about a woman who smoked and wanted to see if she could run around the block. . .just once.  She barely made it half way around that block but was determined to try it again, and again. . .and AGAIN!  She is now running 1/2 marathons and she is healthier and happier. . .OH and the smoking. . .she kicked it to the curb!  

Daily exercise can help prevent over 80% of the health problems that Americans face today.  It's OK to sweat, be a little out of breath and sore the next day.  You are not going to melt or dwindle away.  You will actually be stronger and become hungry for more!   

Here are just a few things that can get you started on a healthier lifestyle 


(I think you will be surprised):

  •  Washing or waxing your car for 45-60 minutes
  •  Washing windows or floors for 45-60 minutes (I'd rather run)
  •  Gardening for 30-45 minutes
  •  Walking 1 3/4 miles in 35 minutes (20 minutes/ mile)
  •  Dancing fast (social) for 30 minutes
  •  Pushing a stroller 1 1/2 miles in 30 minutes
  •  Raking leaves for 30 minutes
  •  Shoveling snow for 15 minutes (even in the cold my friends, I'd rather run on a treadmill)


FitME. . .Soul Sunday


This past year I have had to learn things the hard way.  Getting older, job challenges/changes, family and dealing with very difficult people.  It's not that I never had problems before (everyone has problems) but this year, I have had situations that were just "HULKED OUT" and have literally changed the way that I see life.

I have had to make some hard decisions this past year when it comes to people,  family and schedule.  Many of the changes I have made, I didn't want to make.  For most of my life, I have been a people pleaser.  Worried about hurting someone else's feeling and looking like the bad guy.  But my worrying and pleasing always left me hurt, bothered and uncomfortable in my own skin and that is what I am tired of now.


I turned 44 this year and I am still mistaken for a much younger women (sometimes girl) when my hair is right and freshly dyed! LOL! But I have to admit, my body is very much 44 years old. My vision is getting bad, recovering from a class or running takes A LOT more TIME and I literally can not remember what I did a day ago. . .aka. . .memory loss like a mother-of-a-trucker! HA! My hair is growing like a weed but it's all coming in gray and I just learned recently that it's called having a skunk head if I let it go for too long. Oi! 

I can complain about getting older but we are all getting older.  It could be A LOT worse! I have to admit...I love being the mom that can still run up and down the soccer field and yell "GO MARZ. . .kick that ball, baby!" or run along the same course as my 16 year old XC superstar and yell "NIA B. . .PICK UP YOUR ARMS and PUSH!".  I can still beat my husband riding a bike and be strong enough to play golf with him from time to time (ok, I watch but I imagine us playing together and beating him...that will never happen...LOL!).  So, let's bring on the next 40 years!


This one is a hard one.  I am not naming names or making a list on social media.  I am not that person BUT what I will say is that I am not allowing people to take indirect hits at me or my family anymore.  I will not accept negative comments or people in my life.  I will pray for those who are "not playing fair" and wish them the best but I will not be an open door for those who like to take advantage of me.  

I will take full responsibility for anything I may have done to someone else.  I say that because sometimes we can do things to others and not even know it.  We are caught up in our own lives, schedules and situations not realizing we are hurting others.  So, in order to grow take a good look at yourself.  Be prepared to make changes that you may not want to make but need to in order for your life improve.  No one is perfect.  No one.


I love my family.  My "familia" (my husband and girls) and my family outside of my home.  I have a family with unnecessary issues but no matter how angry I may get or they are with me, I still love them.  My parents are always there for us and I am beyond humbled and grateful for them.

My husband and I have faced A LOT of challenges here in San Diego but we are still here.  We have been married for 20 years and it has not been easy but worth it.  What I can say, I love him more than I have ever loved him and I never thought that was possible but it is.  My girls are OUR heart and they have had a STELLAR year academically and athletically. I could not ask for more.

The meaning of "friends", for me, has been redefined.  This has been the year of hanging with my friends and getting in tune with how I feel once I leave them.  How did I act around them and what did I get out of being around them.  "Was I a friend to them?".  Hard but necessary. If I wasn't sure, I would ask, discuss and make my decision from there.  


I know that none of this seems like FITNESS stuff but it is.  It is FITNESS for the MIND and the SOUL.  In order for you to enjoy your life, you have to pray, meditate or be quiet for a little while and ask yourself, "what do I need out of my life to make it better?".  You can make drastic moves or soft ones. . .as long as your heart is in the right place and it will enrich your life in the process.   Never give up on yourself and your creator.  I do believe in loving yourself "exactly the way that you are" FIRST is important before you love anyone else.  

In 2015, I am going to speak more about being a "FitME".  I hope that I can encourage others to be the best they are right now and start a domino effect from there! Happy New Year and Happy Soul Sunday.




When you are ready to put in the miles, it is definitely time for you to pick the right running shoe.  Not all feet and body compositions are created equally,  the right shoe will help you prevent leg, knee and possibly back injuries. Mick Gieskes from Movin Shoes shares with me what's important when investing in a good running shoe. Check out my visit to Movin Shoes in Encinitas, CA!


The Wet Test is a great way to help correlate the amount of stability you might need in your shoe. It will show you what features you should look for and equip you with the basic knowledge you need when purchasing your next running shoe.


An average or normal foot has a normal-sized arch and will leave a wet footprint that has a flare, but shows the forefoot and heel connected by a broad band. A normal foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards slightly to absorb shock. It’s the foot of a runner who is bio-mechanically efficient and therefore will not need a motion controlled shoe.     BEST SHOE: Stability shoes with moderate control features.


A flat foot has a low arch and leaves a print which looks like the whole sole of the foot. It usually indicates an over-pronated foot – one that strikes on the outside of the heel and rolls inwards (pronates) excessively. Over time, this can cause many different types of overuse injuries.     BEST SHOE: Motion control shoes, or high stability shoes with firm midsoles and control features that reduce the degree of pronation.


A high-arched foot leaves a print showing a very narrow band or no band at all between the forefoot and the heel. A curved, highly arched foot is generally supinated or under-pronated. Because it doesn’t pronate enough, it’s not usually an effective shock absorber.     BEST SHOE: Cushioned (or 'neutral') shoes with plenty of flexibility to encourage foot motion.  RUNNER'S WORLD


For more detailed information on the right shoe, you can go to your local running store Movin Shoes and ask an expert.  Thank you, Mick and Movin Shoes!

Posted on December 18, 2014 .