Rose Bowl 1/2 Marathon Saturday, December 13th

Dirty Red is back on track and will be completing their expo year at the famous ROSE BOWL in Pasadena, California!  It will be first "Rose Bowl 1/2 Marathon" set up in the Court of Champions!

If you are in town, please come by and say hello to the DiRTY ReD family and check out our end of the year specials!     The DiRTY ReD family would like to thank you for a great year and all your support!  Have a fantastic Holiday Season and Happy New Year! Nicol Akins
Team Dirty Red San Diego just completed their first 1/2 marathon together!  The Silver Strand Marathon in Coronado, CA was absolutely beautiful, dry and hot! 

Once you hit mile 9 and 10 you were quickly reminded of those California families that were dealing with the wild fires.  You could see the smoke over the horizontal near interstate 5 south!  This run will be dedicated to all those that have suffered in the fires this past month!

Silver Strand 1/2 marathon and TEAM DiRTY ReD had great energy! We even had TEAM DiRTY ReD fans cheering us along the way!  Let's congratulate Francesca and Chad for completing their first 1/2 marathon!  YEAH!!! Also, Abby, thanks for joining TEAM DiRTY ReD on the fly! Your energy was fantastic!

We will be hitting the pavement this Sunday with a nice little 8 mile run!  Everyone have a GREAT Thanksgiving Holiday and don't eat too much Turkey! Check out our schedule on!

DiRTY ReD Racing Team

Check out the blog page for the DiRTY ReD Racing team. The racing team consists of the fastest 9 men and the fastest 9 women within Team DiRTY ReD Indiana. This blog will follow our runners on the many adventures of the team. From the 5k to the 100 miler, off road and on, through trails and mud. It's time to get out there and get a lil' dirty and have alot of fun.