Fit Tip Friday. . .Let's EAT!

That's right. Time to get your grub on in the most healthiest way possible.  No matter how much you workout or spend on a personal trainer, what you put in your body will determine if you will meet your goal of building muscle, reshaping your body and/or losing weight.  

Here are a few tips that you should consider when starting a new workout plan or something you can add to your current workout plan.


  • Eliminate fried foods and sugary drinks
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Drink more water
  • Make sure you get a healthy serving of carbohydrates, proteins and good fats


  • Preparing your lunches and dinners ahead of time saves time and money.
  • Preparation helps to monitor what you eat.
  • Preparation motivates you to stay on track with your fitness goals.  
  • You will see changes in your body much sooner than normal.


  • When you start to work out, your metabolism shoots up and your muscles start to take shape. You have to fuel your body more consistently in order for it to work efficiently.  Instead of eating 3 times a day, you eat 5 TIMES a day.  3 healthy, regular meals with 2 small meals in between.  Fruit, nuts or raw veges are perfect.


  • It's easy to fill up your plate with good and bad food, but it's all about the portions.  Let your brain tell you what you need and not your stomach.  A fist full of carbs, proteins and good fats should fill your plate every time.  The only thing you CAN double up on is vegetables or proteins depending on your goals.


  • There is always a reason why we eat.   Macaroni and Cheese can make anyone feel better but we don't need it.  When you are eating something that you shouldn't eat, think about WHY you are eating it.  Can you replace it with something better for you? Make sure you eat the right stuff and do not let your emotions or environment hinder what you should be eating. 

Good luck on your fitness and nutritional journey.  Eat with a purpose, find foods you love and look for healthy ways to prepare them.  Have fun and happy eating!