What Motivates Me?

What motivates you? I know what motivates me. Right now "TheRock" and images of extremely strong women. "TheRock" because he follows a very strict work schedule and makes sure his workouts come first...like 4AM first! The Rock seems to be very discipline, knows exactly what he wants out of life and he is going for it.  He wants to conquer the world one movie, project and television show at a time. Having said that, he makes sure his health comes first.  He is in the gym or on the elliptical every morning, no exceptions. Go ROCK!

Strong women...well, need I say more? Every day I strive to be my best physically, even when I fall to the waste-side at times. When I see images of other women building a stronger body, inspiring others to push past their limits and exude happiness, it makes me want to do more.  It can be hard at times to stay in a positive mindset so make sure you surround yourself that makes you smile, put one foot in front of the other and never give up!

Again, what motivates you?