Working Out with The Band

Tuesday Training


Walking, running, sitting and cycling are movements that happen in your sagittal plane of motion. Since most of us live in this plane, it's nice for a trainer like myself to challenge your other planes of motion. Why? So you can strength all the muscles and tendons that surround the bone and prevent unnecessary injuries. When moving your extremities away from your body, side to side, you are moving in your front plane of motion. Usually you put stress_good stress_on your shoulders, triceps, core, glutes and iliotibial band, also known as your IT band! I just finished this workout and my butt is on FIRE...that's a good thing.

  • Video edit - NIC (my alter ego)
  • Music - FADED by Not the King

3 exercises / 30 seconds each / 3 rounds / 5 rounds for a real challenge

  • Squats with overhead press - BAND AROUND ANKLES
  • Side to side walking planks - BAND AROUND WRIST (drop the butt)