Just so you know, I am reshaping my life as a single, grown-ass woman and my blog will probably follow suit. Every weekend I am looking for a new adventure and since I am usually in San Diego with one busy teenage daughter, I will scour the city with my love for running, cycling, meeting new people and eating good food! If you haven't figured it out already, staying active is my drug of choice.

This weekend involved a warrior (that's me), a couple of tough workouts (cycling and running), and a nice set of wounds (STRAWBERRIES and BRUISES!). 

All I wanted to do this weekend was train on my road bike and put in some running miles. The LaJolla half marathon is coming up in 4 weeks and the duathlon season starts in May. So, the goal was to complete 6 miles this week, see how well or not so well I felt and start building from there. I mean I just completed a 15 mile duathlon 3 weeks ago and two 5K runs last weekend. So, I should be good to go!

Everything went well. I got up on time, had everything I needed to get started and headed out around 7am! I was good until I hit mile 3...I thought it was mile 3 and it was actually mile 2. I was BORED 2 miles in! Oh boy. 

When I finally reached mile 3, I got my head together, found a nice pace and kept going. Everything was fine except for my legs. They were D R A G G I N G, particularly my left leg and that's when I remembered I trained the day before on my road bike! Once I figured that out, I decided to take it easy, enjoy the nice morning weather and...BAMMMM...I fell and I fell hard at mile 5.46. Yep, I was almost THERE! 

The fall happened so fast I couldn't save myself. My felt right knee skid across the cement while my left leg slammed into the ground. I think I missed my chin by just a few inches. YEAH, fun times. I mean, I haven't fell on a run in 12 YEARS!

How does one fall while running you ask? 

Don't you know the sidewalks move when you're NOT LOOKING? 

That fall hurt like HECKKKK but I got up, made myself walk through the pain. I could feel my knees swelling the entire way home, but I made it home. I stripped down to check out my wounds, grabbed the ice pack and laughed, asking myself the age old question...WHY DID THE CONCRETE HAVE TO MOVE? 


In the past couple of years I have been on a long, grown-ass run. Sorry, that's the truth and that's how I feel. This particular long run didn't feel like 6 miles, it didn't even feel like a marathon but it did feel like an ULTRA marathon , an ultra marathon with no "ultra" marathon training! When you don't train for an event, it's gonna hurt, just like this weekend's fall.

But lucky for me, I learned a few things in the past couple of years. You have to get up and WALK! You get up every day, shake it off and keep walking forward. You get up, shake it off, keep walking forward even through pain and disappointment. You get up, shake it off, keep walking forward, get people to train you so next time, you are prepared. You got it?


You can just get up, try and make it home, ice your leg, laugh at yourself and get ready for your next workout. HA!