Training Tip..."for walking"



After my latest visit to the doctor and teaching myself to slow things down when it comes to training, I have added walking to my repertoire!  Even when you walk you have to pick the right shoes. I love shoes!!! Just like any training shoe, your shoes should be sturdy, well-cushioned and supportive. Talk to your doctor and find out if your feet are flat, normal or if the arch of your feet are too high. This will determine what type of walking shoes you will need to be fitted for. Your walking shoes should also be a size to a size and a half bigger than your regular working shoe size. This will allow room for your feet to move and adjust when walking/running along various surfaces. 

Your gait is defined as a person's manner of walking. It includes your pace, stride, step and bearing. It's important to make sure each step is comfortable, you move at your own pace and your stride is not too short or wide. Your posture is extremely important as well. Standing up straight with your shoulders back and down, chest out, as well as your hips, knees and toes facing forward is the key to prevent injury or strain to your body. Try not to carry heavy bags or weighted objects that will offset your posture or stride.

10,000 steps a day equals 5 miles, as well as stronger legs, heart and healthier lifestyle. Take the September challenge, move closer to your fitness goals and get your friends, family and co-workers involved! This is an easy one and it's fun!

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