Strength Endurance Training

Strength Endurance Training is a great way to build muscle, increase metabolism and provide more strength by using low weights with a high number of repetitions. 
Strength Endurance Training should be done no more that 3 times a week, every other day. Full body workout preferably. You can increase the weights week by week but nothing that is overbearing. "Endurance" is the key word here. If you have too much weight, you are moving into "strength" training only. The weight selection is different, as well as the repetition. Be mindful when choosing the type of training and make sure you talk to your personal trainer on the specifics in order to get the results you are looking for.
Check out the list of Strength Endurance Training benefits below. 
#1 Increases overall strength and endurance
#2 Prevent future injuries
#3 Builds Bones
#4 Promotes Better Mental Health

The four benefits listed above is enough to keep me in the gym, **Just working on my fitness.**  Have fun!