San Diego Fair 5K

I kicked off the weekend with the SD County Fair 5K run! This will be my third time running the event and I have to say, the event could have been better but it was still a great experience because I had family, as well as, good friends to hang out with. 

How could the event have been better? There are a few things and this is not necessarily a bad thing, but for runners who really keep track of their training through local events, these few things are crucial.

Before I get started,  note the registration participants get ONE free ticket into the SDFair and another ticket you can use to purchase a fair ticket for $5.00. Also, participants had to pick up numbers the day before the race OR pay a fee to pick it up on race day.

  • Ok, here we go...First, parking was expensive, $13 to be exact. Most running events, parking is either free or at a very low cost or it's part of the registration fee.
  • Second, the course was different from the previous years. There was an area where we had to run up a small flight of stairs and go down a small flight of stairs. That just isn't safe and best left for "obstacle course" runs.
  • Third, yes, I am still counting...the route was NOT 3.1 miles. Several runners came together to compare mileage and we were ALL under 3 miles. My running partner recorded the course at 2.75 miles. I had it at 2.90 and another lady had it was 2.65. That wasn't cool!
  • Last, there were NO METALS! I know I am too old for doggie treats but it would have been nice to have an awesome SD COUNTY FAIR METAL! Just saying

Now that I have listed all my disappointments, I am still happy I participated. My pace was the fastest pace per mile this year at 6:48min/mile pace. The energy was high and everyone was genuinely happy to be up and running! I mean, that's what we do...right? 

  • The warmup was fun and A LOT of people warmed up with the great music and fitness instructor. 
  • My familia was out there cheering me on and making me laugh. That always makes for a good time and when your good friends into the mix, it's awesome! 
  • There was free beer, KIND bars, sunglasses and chap stick. Yes, the beer was definitely the highlight (even though I don't drink beer...I got my water!). Regardless, I enjoy this event.
  • It's part of the fair, the course is flat and fast, the people are awesome and it makes for a great start to the weekend.

If you decide to run this event, register early, carpool with other runners and make it a day by using your SD FAIR TICKETS_ get the most out of your free/discounted ticket and parking. 

My next race will be in JULY...moving up to the 10K RUN! #KeepItMoving