Tangled Tinsel?. . .Don't Stress!

DE-STRESS for the Holidays TIPS:

  • Take a brisk walk or easy run.
  • Head to the gym with family and do a group fitness class.
  • Find an old 80s fitness video and get an old fashion workout in and laugh your butt off at the same time.  Burn more calories.
  • Twister is a great way to workout. No video games, just good old fashion twisting!
  • Hide and Seek in the Snow. It will be cold but you can run, throw snowballs and sweat off calories at the same time. 



With Christmas LITERALLY around the corner, if you are like me. . .some of us are still ON EDGE when it comes to gifts.  My girls Christmas lists are not long but the things that they want, we have not been able to find.  So, as they say. . .no stone will go unturned at this point.  Even though we have had a little family mishap here and there, I am going into Christmas with a thankful heart.  No one is sick or injured.  My girls are happy and healthy.  My husband is working hard to make his family happy and move into the New Year with the things that they want and need.  

No matter what goes on during your Holiday Season, don't get your "Tinsel in a Tangle"! Remember that LOVE is what this holiday season is all about.  So, drop all that stuff you are carrying around and just fill every room with love.  Don't let the stress of making everyone happy take over and don't try SO HARD to make everyone happy.  If you are doing that, YOU will not be happy! Just be you, stay the course and drop the Holiday Stress.  

Happy Holidays and make sure you keep moving...not just wrapping gifts and heading to the mall...but run, kick and workout to keep your heart in the right place.  Season Greetings!