What are you fighting for today? Fighting like a Girl takes skill because being a woman is not always easy.  Whether you are a stay at home Mom, working Mom, single Mom, working Woman, single Woman, or an abused Woman. . .we are always fighting for something better in our lives.

When you fight, make sure what you fight with truth and dignity.  Fight for your happiness, your place in life and your peace.  Those three areas are a great place to start.  When you fight for what you believe in you build character, foundation and standards for yourself.

What are you fighting for today? I am fighting for my happiness, a sound relationship with God and for my family.  I want the best for my life and I truly believe it starts with a happy heart, a true spirit in God and a strong family foundation.  So, if you come at me with something that doesn't support those three things. . .WATCH OUT!

Again, what are you fighting for today?

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