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  For more workout videos and tips click image

30-Minute Full Body Exercise

You need, comfortable fitness clothes, 2 light to medium hand weights and some great music!

  • 3 Combination Exercises
  • 12-16 reps 
  • 3-6 sets or rounds (depending on your available time and fitness level)
  • Exercise #1 Lunges with biceps curls to overhead press: works your legs, butt, core, front of arms, shoulders and upper back.
  • Exercise #2 Plank with side steps OR Plank on knees with knee lifts AND Crunches with extending arms and legs: works your core, arms and legs
  • Exercise #3 Standing, quick tricep kickbacks with squats: works the back of your arms, core, butt, hamstrings and calf muscles. 
  • Drink water after you complete one round. Take a 1 minute break and start your next round.

Good luck, have fun and email me if you have any questions!