What Motivates You? What Motivates ME?. . .OK!

I will tell you what motivates me! Committed participants like my dear friend Gail!

Two years ago, I started a fitness program at my local church. I was nervous but I pitched my idea to the Life Group Committee and by my surprise, they loved the idea! I asked other trainers from my church to join me in this quest to get people moving and improve their overall health. Three to four trainer got on board and we set up shop.

Gail, the beautiful lady in black, has attended every session except m a y b e 3 due to scheduling conflicts but she is always there. So much so, if we don't see her car in the parking lot or her face in class. . .we are concerned. Since she started CRB FIT, her golf game has improved, she is living a more active life and she plays basketball with her grandkids! She is diligent, strong and one reason why I keep pushing for a "fitter planet" every day!

This week, the group experienced their second HIIT training. 30 minutes of pure strength and cardio. Little rest time and a lot of heavy breathing, red faces and "Oh my GOODNESS!!!" coming out of their mouths. Gail's granddaughter joined us and not only did she ROCK the HIIT workout, Gail was right along side of her. . .every "OMG step" of the way!

Now, what's your excuse again? Let's get moving people and inspire the important people in your life to do the same! #move #neverquit 

CRB FITTERS. . .thank you for your commitment and believing in CRB FIT!