My Motivation is...

  • To simply help others.
  • To see other people set goals, ask me what I think, take on new challenges and knock them out one at a time.
  • Watching my clients and participants transform their body, mind and spirit through physical fitness
  • Talking to others during their transformation and listening to how their mind starts to work differently. They stop asking why and start asking "when".
  • Witnessing a growing spirit that becomes brighter, happier and stronger.
  • I am here to help others transform and become the best version of themselves. I feel very blessed to be a part of other's journey.

When I put my training clothes on, it's no longer about who I am, it's about what can I provide for someone else. I am not looking for praise, I am looking for people who are ready to work hard, make a positive change and motivate me to raise the bar for them.

No one is perfect but everyone has the choice to be perfect in their own individual way.