Monday MOJO..."WORK"

You better W O R K!

That four letter word that sometimes gets in the way of fun but in order to have the kind of fun we want, we have to do it! YES...W O R K! And while I type this, all I can hear in my head is that crazy Rhianna song. Oi! 

WORK is not all bad. It's all in how you look at it. Work definitely has it's benefits if you do it right, stay focused and really give it your all. You could get rewarded with a great body, overall good health, a loving family and/or a strong relationship...oh...yeah...and possibly some of that green stuff that seems to make everyone happy!

This week's MOJO is putting in the WORK to get what you are looking.  You may not always get what you want at the end but you will get what you need and learn a few things along the way. 

Remember, you are not the only one putting in the work. Everyone is doing it in their own unique way. So, don't get side-tracked, keep looking forward and keep working.