I always use images to get me pumped on a Monday OR before a hard workout.  I have this picture hanging up in my office and saved in my computer.   Her name is Ida Keeling and she is probably 99 years old now.  I first heard about her on the OWN Network, Lisa Ling's Our America.  

Ida runs track and has broken several track and field records.  She is coached by her daughter and running is the best way for her to keep moving through the aging process. Sometimes she has to take it really slow if her pressure gets too high, but she knows how to listen to her body and make the right choices when it is time to workout or compete at a local track meet.  

I don't know Ida personally and will probably never get the pleasure of meeting her but when I want to push myself a little harder and keep my mind in a positive place (because I think I am too old to be doing something),  IDA comes to mind and makes me stronger! So, hats off to Ida Keeling and the one thing that I would tell her if I met her is to keep running, Ida. . .keep running.