GREATER, HAPPIER and STRONGER...yeah that's it!


I am not a fan of change.  So getting out of my comfort zone is like pulling teeth from a shark's mouth.  You would never know that from the outside looking in but when things change on me, my insides FALL APART! I am screaming on the inside and smiling on the outside.  Having said that, I still seem to accomplish A LOT in my life.  Why? Because I DO step outside my comfort zone and many times walk through my fear to get to the other side.  Once I have accomplished that, it's all good!

When going to a personal trainer, starting a new fitness routine or considering a career change, we ALL find 50 million reasons why it will NOT happen.  Our fears take over and staying in our comfort zone starts to make more sense.  But does it?

Yes, change can be painful at times but it teaches you more about yourself then staying in your comfort zone.  Your CZ tells you that you are good, content and comfortable.  Outside of your comfort zone you are unglued, frustrated and uncomfortable because you are moving in ways that you haven't moved before.  But when you get through it, you learn that you can be MORE than good, you can be GREAT.  You can be more than CONTENT, you can be truly HAPPY and being more than comfortable. . .you can be STRONGER than ever before!

If there is something in your life that has taken you out of your comfort zone, you are feeling extremely uncomfortable BUT you know the outcome is for the best, haul through it and don't give up!  In order for you to change your life for the better, you will have to jump a couple of hurdles and crawl through a few ditches to see who you are.  You will learn that there are no boundaries and that STRONG has an entire new meaning. So keep going and don't give up!