I think I can...I THINK I CAN


Did you know when it comes to change...it is never easy? You are pushed out of your comfort zone, your head starts to play tricks on you and 9 times out of 10, you will get discouraged and stop yourself before you even get started. 

Look around you. The person sitting next to you is any brighter or smarter than you. In fact, many people who have changed the world did not even finish college or in some cases high school. But, ONE THING they did do?...they made a decision. A decision to make a change and believe that they could.

Whether you are going up for a new position at work, looking to lose a couple of pounds or improve on a broken relationship...tell yourself "I think I can..." and repeat it over and over again. Don't allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. At every step of this "changing process" tell yourself AGAIN "I think I can" until it's done.

To really make a difference in your life 80% of it is psychological while 20% of it is mechanics. You read it right. The tools are there but it's what you are telling yourself that could possibly be slowing you down or even stopping you from living your dream.

What do I know? Because I have to tell myself EVERYDAY..."I think I can" while I push forward and improve on my life daily. So, keep moving, keep pushing and know that while you are saying "I think I can"...it's already been done...you just have to do the work and get yourself there. Happy Monday!

Below is a video that will motivate you to hit the gym...right now.