Fit Tip Friday...Hitting the Fitness Plateau

Small Changes = Big Results


So, you finally found a workout plan that works just for you. You are dedicated, focused and starting to see significant results. A few weeks later, you notice that the results are no longer that significant. You may have hit a plateau and you are not sure why. Do not get discouraged! This is part of the process and a way to review what you have accomplished, what needs to change and start to work a little harder to stick to the original plan of building a better you!

First, understand that hitting a plateau OR not seeing the same changes you were enjoying a few weeks ago is normal and part of the process. Yep, you have done such a great job of staying on top of your workout and food plan, you body's metabolism has slowed down and it's time to change a couple of things that you are doing.

Increase your fitness intensity. Review your previous workouts with your personal trainer and see where you can start to make small changes, like increasing the intensity of your workout. Add more weight, increase resistance or speed up your cardio.

Review your food log. If you are following a specific meal plan, do NOT stop eating or decrease your caloric intake. Make sure you continue to eat, review your calorie intake and possibly change how many times you are eating a day by adding more. Yes, you read that correctly. Why? 

Increase Workout Intensity = More Smaller Meals throughout the day = A Strong Metabolic System to burn calories effectively.

*Also, you might want to check in with your doctor and make sure your hormones levels are good or if there is metabolic side effect with any medications you might be taking.

Keep track of the small changes, as well as the bigger changes. You may have wanted to lose 15 pounds and you can not lose more than 12 pounds lighter. Do not get discouraged because even thought it's fun to celebrate the big changes, the little changes are what keep you going. For instance, your clothes fit better, your arms are a lot more tone and your lower back is stronger. These are the results that push your forward and want more.

If you have hit a plateau and feel a bit discouraged, talk to your personal trainer or local fitness professional. Review your plan, be willing to make a change and continue to work towards your goal! Good luck!