First 2018 Duathlon_Last In N Out Burger

The Pasadena Triathlon Event has come and gone. I could not wait for this event and what do I do the NIGHT before the race? I have an In N Out BURGER!!! 

Yes...I did.

The trainer that blogs about eating right and exercising 5 times a week broke D O W N and ATE an In N Out burger. Hey, guess what? I am human too, PEOPLE! Guess what? It showed in my performance this weekend.

 When your daughter takes over your iPhone!

When your daughter takes over your iPhone!

The gun goes off, everyone takes off. That's normal. My body feels a little shocked, that's kind of normal. The fast crowd LEAVES ME and I begin to think...that isn't normal and why are they running so fast? We have 3 miles to run and then ANOTHER 3 miles when we're done with the bike? I could not understand WHAT was going on! My body felt fine, nothing was hurting or out of place. My breathing was good but for some reason, I was running SLOW AS A DARN TURTLE!

Now, the Triathlon/Duathlon/5K event took place at the historic Rose Bowl. Participants circled the Rose Bowl over and over and OVER again! Not bad at all. It was a well organized event and everyone was having a good time, except for one female participant who cursed at everyone but HEY, to each their own. EACH TIME I had to start the loop again, on foot or on the bike...I had the hardest time pushing through. I was slow and I felt like something was sucking me back into this huge vortex on nothing!

Fast forward to later that night, I had dinner with a friend of mine. I was telling her about the event and then we started talking about "trainer" stuff, then she said it "...when people eat crap...what do they expect?"! OH MY GOODNESS! That's what was wrong with me!!! I ATE CRAP Friday night (forgive me In N Out) but I did! A #2 In N Out meal as a matter of fact! My daughter warned me but I didn't C A R E. LOL!

That's why I felt like CRAP on race day!

NOTE TO SELF and those reading, if you are going to run or participate in ANYTHING, do NOT eat processed food the night before. Slow down, get a good home cooked meal with plenty of carbs, fresh vegetables and WATER, lots of WATER along with a good nights sleep! Save the processed food for another day or NO DAY AT ALL. 

Needless to say, I did win my age division, (I think I was the only one in my age division) and came in 16th overall in the event.

  • Do I feel guilty about eating that burger? Mentally? Ah, no! That burger satisfied a lot misery from the past week. #HUMAN.
  • Will I do it again? Physically?#HECKNO...the night before "heck no"...maybe a few days before if the week doesn't satisfy me! LOL!

Remember to be good to yourself. It's AOK to splurge, once in a while, but not every day and NOT the day before a race.