Just Breathe

Nic's Training Tips 101: Breathing. Please note to always talk to your doctor if you are having problems breathing when working out or running. The information is general and I am not a doctor. 

How in the world do you breathe effectively during a workout? I get this question all the time and rightfully so. . .breathing is kind of important. It's important to get the proper amount of oxygen to your muscles in order to perform at your best! Right? When strength training it is important to inhale at a relaxed state and exhale during exertion. For Cardio, breathing in and out of your nose is the standard and as intensity increases, breathe through your mouth. If you are still having problems, count with each rep or find a rhythm to in/exhale when running or cycling. This will teach your body to breathe effectively over a period of time. Get moving and don't hold it in. . .breathe.