Black History Month | Monday MOJO

Muhammad Ali. One of the greatest athletes and activists of all time. 💥

About a month ago a good/dear friend of mine expressed to me that I have to be my own advocate. She was coaching me for a project that I desperately wanted. Even though I knew she was prepping me for this project, those words melted into my brain and I started to apply those words to my entire life. Immediately things started to change and the world around me looked a lot different.
I imagine the same holds true for Ali. He knew what he wanted, he definitely knew who he was and he had to have the COURAGE to be his on ADVOCATE. Ali paved the way for so many of us, so..

  • Know what you want. ✅
  • Know who you are. ✅
  • Have the courage to be your own advocate.✅
  • Live YOUR best life! ✅✅✅