We had it all planned out. Get up at 7AM on Thanksgiving day and start cooking! My daughter wanted to cook, eat and cook...then EAT a g a i n! She had the morning and afternoon shift and I was responsible for the big "non-turkey" dinner. I was up and guess what? 7AM HIT and EVERYTHING SHUT DOWN! There was no power.

I headed outside to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing my neighbor told me the entire neighborhood was out. I later found out a major fatality knocked out power in 3 counties. A fatality on Thanksgiving morning put things in perspective real quick! I send out prayers to the person or persons involved. 

Thanksgiving weekend could not come any sooner. I was ready to exercise my ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE because the past couple of weeks were rough! I caught a terrible head cold_the kind you know is there but there are no significant signs and you feel like sh$t for days_I had to travel, deal with drama from the dark side and work, oh all made me scream "I NEED A FREAK'N BREAK!".

Check out these 5 things I did to push through a couple of challenging weeks so I could actually enjoy my Thanksgiving break!  

  1. ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL THE FRUSTRATION_JUST FOR A MINUTE. You're human and no one has to know! LOL! It's ok to cry a little, scream a little and just loose it a little_but put a time limit on it and MOVE ON. Please don't fake it until you make it because you will only make it worse. Be truthful to yourself and allow your feeling to be expressed! Oh, and talk it out with someone you trust.
  2. EXERCISE or REST. This depends on how much exercise OR rest you are getting.  I was getting TOO MUCH exercise. Surprise. Surprise. I caught a weird cold that slowed me down and my body was telling me...that's it...I'm taking a break with or without you. So, I toned down my workout or I didn't workout at all. Now, EXERCISING is a great way to release the day's tension or start your day with an accomplishment. You decide and don't lie to yourself to get out of a good workout. Uh know who you are!
  3. LOAD UP ON FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Juicing is my way of getting my fruits and vegetables directly into my bloodstream. I know that sounds a little morbid but I am so busy, juicing for me has been a blessing. I feel a lot more energized and my digestive system immediately improves, if you know what I mean! Sometimes when we are going through something that is a little tough, we tend to ease our pain with things that are not good for our bodies. When you do this, your immune system tends to break down faster and you start to feel worse. So, load up on those fruits and vegetables! 
  4. PRAY and MEDITATE. Quiet time through praying and/or meditation helps put things in perspective. You can set aside 5 minutes or 30 minutes, whatever your schedule allows you to do. Sometimes when you feel like you are walking through the fire of life, you need to slow things down and listen to yourself breath, think with NO OUTSIDE influence and exercise your ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE...think of all the people and things you are grateful for and meditate on that.
  5. TRUST THE PROCESS. (EMOJI WITH THE EYEROLL) Something I am learning day by day...trusting "the process". That darn process! When you are faced with something that feels uncomfortable, tough and is not there to punish is there to teach you. I know that's hard to believe because I am having a tough time with "the process" myself but I am learning a heck of a lot from it! So, trust it, document it and learn from it whether things work out for you or not. 

The biggest take away from all of this...Exercise your Attitude of Gratitude and trust The Darn Process. Good luck!