Let's Get Stronger and Last Longer!

Strength Endurance Training is a great way to build muscle, increase metabolism and provide more strength by using low weights and high repetitions. 
If you want to add strength endurance training to your workout plan I would suggest doing it 2 times a week with a full day of rest in between OR no more that 3 times a week, every other day. 

Strength Endurance Training has definitely helped me with my road runs, core and injury prevention.  I do strength endurance training twice a week.  For my clients, if I see them twice a week, we definitely get one good strength endurance session in weekly.

My favorite strength endurance training class is BodyPump. It is a full body workout that combines, strength, power and core training in one hour. 

Here is a list of Strength Endurance Training benefits below. 

  • Increases overall strength and endurance- No matter what sport you love, strength endurance training will definitely give you an advantage over the competition.  Your muscles will work overtime and you not fatigue as fast as you may have done before without strength endurance training.

  • Prevent future injuries- Strength endurance training also improves body alignment and stabilizes your core. If you are trained correctly, your body will be challenged in all planes of motion, preventing future injuries when running, golfing, kicking and/or jumping.

  • Builds Better Bones- Yes, strength training also increases bone density. Studies have shown that the pulling of muscle on bone stimulates bone growth.  Bones and muscle work against gravity to build strength. Strength Endurance Exercises helps build bone and builds up muscle to support the skeleton, improve balance and posture prevents unnecessary falls.

  • Promotes Better Mental Health- I always say when you feel good, challenge your body and get stronger, your mentally goes right along with the progress that you are making. Being physically stronger can also change the way you think of yourself.  It's always hard to start a workout but when you complete a workout, your endorphins have kicked in, you feel conquered the challenge and you are ready to take on the day!

I don't know about you but those four benefits alone keep me in the gym and on the road running! "Keep working on your fitness!"