No Time. . .Let's Make the Time!

THREE exercises THIRTY seconds each UNDER 30 minutes time. . .

There are so many reasons why you can't workout but all the reasons sound the same. "I don't have the time." If I could add up how many times I hear that every day. There is time, you have to make the time.

High Intensity Interval Training has definitely become popular in the past few years. With everyone moving at light speed and not taking care of their bodies, the fitness industry had to take a stand, listen and find effective workouts for busy people.

This week, check out this "No.3" workout routine. 3 exercises, 30 seconds each with little to no rest in between UNLESS you are a beginner. You can watch, try it and move at your own pace. If you are advanced, you can crank it up and challenge yourself...all within 25-30 minutes!


  • no weights (beginner) or 5-15 pound weights depending on size and strength.
  • comfortable training shoes and gear
  • water
  • "can do this" attitude



  • Touch and Reach. Touch the floor with the palm of your hands, drop your butt behind your knees and then reach at high as you can or jump (advanced). This is a great way to warm up, but after the first round, it's definitely part of your workout!
  • Lunges with a bicep curl to shoulder press. Nice long lunges with arms staying stable along your sides, curl up (working the biceps) then reach high into a shoulder press. Working your legs, core, arms, shoulders and upper back.
  • Mountain Climbers with Pushups. Straight arms, knees reach for elbows (fast or slow depending on your fitness level) 3 on each leg, drop and give yourself 2 pushups and then go right back into mountain climbers.
  • Take breaks when needed. DRINK YOUR WATER and BREATHE!
  • Have fun and let me know what you think!