1. REDUCE THE STRESS. I could stop here and repeat this 4 more times. The holidays tend to bring a lot of excitement but it can also bring a lot of stress. Many of us travel, shop until we drop, entertain family/friends and attend countless holiday parties. It's all fun and games until you realize...oh my GOODNESS...I need a break! A good 20-30 minute workout can help reduce stress, reset your mind and get you ready for the next holiday party. 

2. STAY ON TRACK BEFORE THE NEW YEAR. The hardest thing to do is to take a break from working out until the New Year. If you consistently workout every day, even every other day and miss a week...it can be brutal starting over, just after a week! I suggest reducing how many days you workout but do not give it up completely.

3. CALORIE CONTROLLER. During the holidays, your mom, family and close friends feel the need to pack on the pounds by feeding you incredibly, delicious and dangerous foods! LOL! The cakes, the pies, mom's special Christmas dinner...it's all there. Here, I suggest adding an extra 5 minutes or more to your workout so you wont' feel guilty about eating all that amazing Christmas food!

4. FIGHT SEASONAL DEPRESSION. If the holidays do not bring you 100% happiness and cheer, sweat it out with a nice long run, a heavy lift or a few knock-out punches. Not everyone LOVES the holiday season because they may have experienced a loss in the family, the family dynamics may have changed or your not with your family because of work or travel. Sweat it out and keep it moving. 

5. GREAT TIME FOR A FITNESS CHALLENGE. This is a great time to challenge your family or friends to join you! Even if it's for just one workout. Introduce your family/friends to your many exercise addictions and see if you can get them hooked. It's a great time to encourage others and spend more time with family you might only see once a year.