Hot Chocolate and a 1st Place Medal



This morning I received a surprise in the mail from the San Diego Hot Chocolate 5K/15K running event. One thing I remember after I finished running, when you crossed the finish line of the 5K, there were no medals! I was shocked and a little heart broken. I watched several of the other runners cross the line after me and NOPE, no medals. So, I hung out for a while, took a few selfies with my daughter and headed out for breakfast.

Well, this morning I GOT MY MEDAL! I have to say, it couldn't have come at a better time. Just when I thought the universe was not paying attention, a little chocolate enters my life and puts a smile on my face.

This is one event I will not forget and NOT because of my first prize medal (I love typing that) but because I was able to run a 5K after I ran a 5K the day before! I also remember, the weather being a bit cold and the route was hillier than expected. My daughter was there to cheer me on and after we enjoyed the music, the people and hot chocolate after the run.

Next time, I will stay just a bit longer to see my results. But I have to tell you, HANGRY always beats WAITING for a medal in my book! LOL! I'll work on it!