4 Reasons to Love Thanksgiving

1. Family: Whether you have a traditional family or you have created your own, having a circle of people that you can count on when things are good or bad makes life so much better. Be thankful for your family and friends. They are there to challenge us, love us and be there for us no matter what.  

2. Food: O M GOODNESS! I love food and even though looking at me, you may have your doubts but cooking and eating are always on the top of my list. As I blog...my 15 year old daughter has control of the kitchen this Thanksgiving and has put together an amazing menu of fresh and exciting meals for the entire day. Love food, respect food and enjoy of the flavors of life!

3. Fitness: OK...sometimes this has to go before both family and friends but I LOVE FITNESS. It's a great way to release tension, get in the best shape of your life and meet other amazing fitness freaks that will keep you accountable this Thanksgiving Season. Remember, you will have to face them in the gym on Monday if not this weekend.

4. Fun: Whether you are knee deep in snow or you can hear the sounds of crushing waves at the beach find a way to get OUT OF THE HOUSE and have some fun! Whether it's a family walk, going to the local Thanksgiving parade or Turkey Trot...don't worry about life and have so much fun!

Ok, I have to go...the food festivities have begun ALREADY! We have an amazing Thanksgiving Breakfast spread that I have to .....BYE!