Motivational Monday

What turns me on?

You would like to know but it's not what you think. . .for now!

I not only love being an athlete, I love all the things that come with being an athlete.  The clothes, shoes, gadgets and even all of those other crazy athletes you meet along the way.  Now, before we get too far into this "what turns you on" and "what athletes do you know" let's make one thing clear, anyone who loves to run, swim, jump, kick and move is an athlete and YES, I will talk to you for days about your sport.  I remember visiting my physical therapist several years ago and the guy on the other side of the curtain was a marathon runner.  I don't remember what got us talking about running but once we started, we NEVER stopped.  Our PT's had to kick us out of their offices and you know what, I NEVER saw the guys face! Not to sound cRaZy. . .but that was a turn on. . . an athlete turn on.

Gadgets get my heart going as well.  I absolutely LOVE my iPhone because I have EVERYTHING on it! First and foremost, my kids soccer and running schedules along with me and my husbands work schedules.  Then there is the social media, emails and my favorite fitness apps listed below! All this cool little stuff gets the heart rate up and pushes you through ANY workout!

Everything RIGHT THERE in the palm of hand.  I love the fact that I just head OUT and if I need ANYTHING. . .it's with me at all times! Right now, RockMyRun and MapMyRun is at the top of the list of favorites right now.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I have two new mixes with RockMyRun, like the "Feel Good 5K" or the "Half Marathon SeeNicRun Music Mix".  No, not at all! I love the fact that RockMyRun is an app that downloads your music immediately, has a monthly or yearly fee to download as many mixes as you want AND no matter if you are a fast or slow runner, there is a mix just for you and your tempo.  


MapMyRun is another top favorite on the list.  I have been a fan since 2008.  I love that I have mapped out my courses, headed out and could link up my Garmin with MapMyRun website.  Now that it's an app, it's easier to work with, take with you and meet new friends from all over the globe.  I love seeing my MMR peeps "like" a workout that I completed.  That feature alone makes me want to pump more iron, run more miles and never slow down.

The next favorite item of mine is the SlimClip.  This little gadget has changed the way I carry my iPhone.  For the most part, I have been able to ditch my SpiBelt or arm-holder and slide my phone into the SlimClip and literally just GO! The SlimClip is so thin and convenient I NEVER forget my phone and if my phone drops...that's all on me because the clip fits snuggly on my shorts, running skorts, pants, purse and even my SpiBelt (I do love my lie!) if I HAVE to take it because I have my car/house keys that I must carry with me.  If you have not heard of the SlimClip, click on the icon to the right of you and check it out.  You will not be disappointed and it's worth the money and a cracked iPhone/Smartphone.  

MyFitnessPal is a great way to monitor what you eat, how much you workout and count your calories.  What makes MyFitnessPal so great, you can scan just about ANYTHING and it will help you calculate your caloric intake.  Since there are so many users, I would be surprised if you were not able to find workout when plugging in all of your information.  Again, you can take it anywhere, personalize your profile and get on the right track when it comes to eating the right foods and working out!

There are a lot of other things that "turn me on" but today, this is all you get! I hope you check out these items, share with your friends and love them as much as I do!

Happy Monday!