Let Someone Else Lead

Monday MOJO!

I can not believe that I am sitting down and typing away on this blog right now.  I finally made it to Sunday afternoon and looking forward to starting a new week with new challenges.  This past weekend was physically challenging but fun!  On Saturday, I led three fitness classes back to back, met with a client and then headed off to my daughter's soccer game, which they won 3-0. My oldest daughter returned from the Stanford XC invitational and placed 18th out of approximately 135 high school girls.  I think she is ready to rock this year's XC season.  

On Sunday, the goal for me was to complete 9 miles. My half marathon is coming up in about 3 weeks and I have to be ready to rock and roll.  Even though I am excited to be running more consistently again,  I don't think I will be running for time...I will be running for a good, strong finish.  Ha, ha, ha. . .isn't that what you say for an excuse? I'm using it!

 Soon after my run. KNOCKED OUT!

Soon after my run. KNOCKED OUT!

Sometimes staying motivated seems impossible but when you change things up, you can spark a little fire deep within and keep going.  My spark this weekend was my XC daughter. She found out that she was not needed at work so she decided to run with me.  I was surprised, excited and a little scared but I am so happy that she joined me.

This time, I let her lead the way.  She took me on a couple of trails that I had no idea existed.  I had a certain route in mind but taking on a new path made the run a lot more interesting.  We had good conversation and when my legs started to hurt I wasn't so quick to stop or slow down like I would have if I were running alone.  Sunday morning's run really set the tone for the rest of the day and for the rest of the week as well!

Here are some great tips to staying motivated when you don't feel so "motivating":

  1. Let someone else lead the way.  I can be a bit of a control freak. If it's not my way, it's weird but letting someone else take the lead is not only a step in the direction for growth, it's an opportunity for a fresh idea.  It keeps you on your toes and helps you think outside the box.  It also gives you a break from thinking too much. 
  2. Start out with a positive attitude.  Put yourself in a good place mentally.  Don't let bad energy ruin your day.  It's your day, take control and enjoy it on your terms.
  3. Change it up and let go.  Sometimes we fall into a pattern of behavior because it's safe and comfortable.  This time, do something that you would not normally do OR do something you have always wished you could do.  Let go of "controlling" the situation and be in the present.
  4. Keep your eye on the prize.  Understand what you are trying to accomplish, don't lose sight and keep moving towards your goal.  Do not allow anything or anyone to tell you that you can't because you can!
  5. Never give up.  Running up that hill today coming up on mile 8 was not easy.  I wanted to walk SO BAD but I knew if I stopped, it would take me longer to get home and I would not complete my 9 miles effectively.  If you stop now, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Have a great day and hang in there!