Temecula Half Training

The Temecula Half Marathon/5K are right around the corner and I have to say that my training is a little choppy but coming along! In the past couple of years, it has been challenging to teach several classes throughout the week and still have energy to hit the pavement but somehow I am getting it in and making it happen!

Yesterday, I finally broke into the 7 mile range and it was not easy.  The plan was to get up at 5:00am and beat the heat.  It's early but it's really nice to have the streets all to yourself along with a nice cool breeze.  Well, needless to say that didn't happen.  I could type several reasons why it didn't happen but the reasons are not valid. . .so. . .let's continue! LOL! 

       He posed for the picture & I missed!

      He posed for the picture & I missed!

What did happen? I didn't get to run until 8am.  Monday's are my day off from training clients and teaching classes, so I try and get my long runs in.  Well, I pulled a deep muscle in my glute on Saturday  Don't ask! It wasn't anything exciting.  I was volunteering at a XC meet, walked across the park and the muscle just knotted up.  See, nothing exciting!  So, I decided to head out and take it slow.  The first 3 miles were perfect! It wasn't too hot, other people were running and smiling, the gardeners would shut down their equipment so I could run by with ease.  It was a little taste of running heaven.  Ah!  I felt like a little running princess until mile 4 hit and the sun was "A-BLAZiN"! The traffic started to get heavy, the heat was ALMOST unbearable and the side of the road with all the shade(?) was on the other side of the road with no sidewalk attached to it!   Oi!

 Night running w/my XC girl! Different, Fun!

Night running w/my XC girl! Different, Fun!

When I got to my last mile and had to stop for the light, my legs were COOKING! I could feel them wrapping around the bones and there was nothing I could do about it.  I stood DIRECTLY behind the light pole to capture as much shade as I could (I am obviously not that wide, so I caught a lot) and headed to my car.  Oh, I was a site to see because I looked RIDICULOUS running in the heat! After all that,  I got through it and finished a nice 7 mile run in 1 hour 2 minutes and 22 seconds.  So happy that I covered my 7 miles and hopefully next week I can get 8.5 to 9 miles in.  TEMECULA. . .here I come

Have fun and be safe! 

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Nicol Hodges

Nicol Hodges aka "Nic" is fitness professional (NASM, CPT/PES) and product designer living in San Diego, CA. Nicol's athletic background started in her hometown of St. Charles, MO where she earned her 400m state ranking 3 years in a row. Later, at the University of MO, Columbia she earned 8-Big 12 Track and Field titles and a championship title. Nicol currently continues her love for running by competing in local and national running events.