New Beginnings

September is the month of change and new beginnings.  School starts, summer ends and our schedules begin to get busier as we move into the Fall Season.  Many of us travel more, work longer hours or run all over town with kids (some who are not even ours) making sure they get to all of their activities and events.  It's the time of year that can be new and exciting or overwhelming with a thin layer of stress on top.  Either way, it's time to start a new season, a new beginning but what about you?

For a brief moment, think about all the things you are responsible for throughout the week.  Your responsibilities at home, work or your favorite community organization.  If you are good at what you do, you are probably responsible for A LOT.  Visualize yourself taking on each responsibility and how it effects everyone around you.  Now, visualize yourself NOT being able to take on your responsibilities. You are simply not there.  How would that effect everyone involved? How would that effect you? Would it leave a lot of people upset, sad and abandoned? Would you feel helpless or unproductive?

If the answer was "yes" to that last question then you have some maintenance to do.  Physical activity is extremely important to your overall health.  If you do not take care of yourself first, there may be a day (sooner than later) when taking on your responsibilities will not be easy or possibly impossible.

Did you know that exercise is the best preventative medicine so that you can continue to be you and to remain strong.  80% of all chronic diseases and most injuries can be prevented if everyone engaged in 30 minutes of physical activity a day.  That is only 2% of a 24 hour day!

Busy schedule? WHATEVER! You can make time.  You should not let the day rule you. . .you should be ruling the day.  Thirty minutes can include a walk, jog, office exercises or even 30 minutes of static stretching.  There are all kinds of things you can do to get your heart rate up, blood pumping and body moving.  It's all about taking the first step and that first step should be simple.  


Change one thing in your life that will positively effect your health and wellness.  If it's adding a piece of fruit to your diet, drinking more water or walking during your lunch break, try it.  ONE THING and see how you feel after one week.  Was it hard, did it totally mess up your schedule OR did you feel like you accomplished something? Write down all the positives and hang them up. Write down the negatives and pitch them in the trash.   That simple.  Start from the beginning as many times as you need until something sticks, becomes a habit and it makes you smile! Good luck and start your new beginning NOW! Right now!


National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.  Lets find out what foods are best for our kids and make sure they are getting the right vitamins, minerals and portions to aid in healthy growth and nutritional habits.  Also, I want to encourage you to be aware of what your kids are being served during lunch and what is being taught in their physical education and health classes about food.  Is it the latest information available or old information from an outdated textbook?

 Kids need to understand what they are putting in their bodies and how food can effect their overall performance, mentally and physically.   A great starting point and to learn more go to or for basic information and if you need more, talk to your doctor or local nutritionist for the best information that will work for you and your family!