Let's Play like a GiRL!

Are you familiar with Title IX? Title IX law was passed in 1972 that requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding. It protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities.  

I love to see girls running, kicking, jumping and competing in their favorite sport.  When women compete it shows a toughness that you may not see in them off the field.  Girls in sports learn to be strong, tough and work hard for what they want.

Girls in sports build relationships that can last a lifetime.  Girls in sports are disciplined and focused.  When girls push themselves past their limits, the world just opens up and things that seem to be unreachable are suddenly standing right in front of them to take.  

When you see the drive in a girl's eye and the hunger for competition, you know right then and there, the game has completely changed.  You can't wait to see what may happen and how it will unfold.  Competition gets girls to think under pressure and make quick decisions.  You are in a different league when you are lucky enough to be on a team of girls that work hard together and come to win together.  You can not stop them.

This past weekend, my youngest daughter played in the Carlsbad Competitive Soccer Tournament.  Her team worked hard and to see the focus their eyes when playing is just incredible! Marz (that's my mini-me) can work the middle like nobody I have ever seen. She takes that ball and her feet just have a party while her mind is working the field, calculating the next move.  To see her little body work together as won is. . .like. . .WOW!

I mention Title IX because there are so many times that I wonder, what if there were NO sports for girls.  Would I be sitting on the sidelines of a tap dance studio or watch them square dance their way to the top? Bowling? Ping Pong? I don't know-but what would life be like with NO SPORTS for my girls?

If you have a girl in sports and they love what they do, encourage her to keep going.  Make sure she is in a good, positive environment and let her be who she wants to be when she plays. . .as long as it is fair and getting the job done.  Sports provides girls with so much power that feeds their soul!

Did you know that girls in sports are more than 80%more likely. . . 

  • NOT to do drugs 
  • Bring home better grades
  • Less likely to become a teen mom  
  • Sports builds leadership, self-assurance and effective team work.  

So, thanks to Title IX and all the organizations that support "GIRLS IN SPORTS"! Keep doing what you are doing and "GIRLS. . .KEEP KICKING BUTT out there!".