Monday Motivation

Discipline is defined as training to act in accordance with rules. Discipline is also defined as an activity, exercise or a regimen that develops or improves skill; training.  When you are an athlete, this word should be embedded in your head in order to be the best. Working hard, staying focused and being consistent will help you reach your goal effectively and in due time.  

This is true when you want to stay in shape, run a 5K or get a promotion at work.  There needs to be discipline in your life in order for you to reach your goals.  Each day, there should be something that you do consistently to get you one step closer to your goal.  If you want a promotion at work, ask your supervisor or mentor what steps to take to get what you want.  If your goal is to run your first 5K, start walking, then jog and eventually run.  You can go at your own pace as long as you stick to the plan.  

Have you ever noticed that when a musician hits superstar status, it seems as though he or she just popped out of nowhere? You think. . .wow. . .how lucky they are to fall into greatness so fast! Well?  If you follow your favorite rockstar or movie star, the road to what we call success wasn't always easy.  They had to have discipline in their lives and the heart to get through hard times.  The same holds true for the rest of us as well! Getting towards your goals takes discipline, consistency and heart.  

So today I ask you, what do you want out of life? Write it done, make a plan and discipline yourself to get one step closer to what you want.  Good luck and work hard getting there, when you get there and after.  Then help someone else do the same.