Get up and Run. . .again!

Pushing through. . .

This past week, I had an amazing time in the mountains of Julian, CA volunteering for my daughter's XC Running Camp. I was a little apprehensive to go because I am not the "camping" type.  I like the outdoors, as long as I can come back inside.  Needless to say, I completely enjoyed myself and wasn't ready to come home.  

This camp was not what I had expected because the food alone was amazing.  The staff was extremely happy and nice setting the tone for the rest of the week.  The kids were totally cool and I got a little RnR when the adults were allowed to sneak away.  It was almost perfect.  

Whenever I am all around nature, it reminds me of how little and insignificant I am as a living organism in this world.  The mountains are gigantic, the lakes are massive and the wildlife is, well wild. There were turkeys, deer, cows and we even spotted a llama when rolling through town.  Being in Julian, you forget that San Diego is an hour away and Los Angeles is a hop, skip and jump. It's crazy! 

As far as running, the runs were very challenging for me because, I am NOT in high school ANYMORE! The runners had to run the day we arrived and twice a day for the duration of the camp.  I didn't think I would be able to hang after Tuesday nights trail run but I got up the next morning, dusted myself off, stretched and headed for the hills with the team. I refused to give up and be my own "kill-joy"!

I had an amazing experience and had to share a moment with my SeeMeFit Challengers soon after my last run early Wednesday morning about not giving up.  I think this is relevant for anyone.  Have a great Thursday!


I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Heading back today from XC Camp. I want you to check out the picture with the trees. Most of them have been burned from previous fires but they are still standing. A lot of times we get burned in life and if we let the fire take the best of us, we can become ashes. Don't become ashes. Continue to stand talk just like those trees and enjoy the beauty of life. This trip has pushed me out of my comfort zone and if I can be pushed, so can you. We have to be those trees remain grounded no matter if it rains, snows or even catches fire. Stay strong, hold on and push through. There is beauty all around us and in order to enjoy it we have to stand tall just like the trees in the picture.  Never give up on yourself and others around you. Continue to be amazing and that means, continue to be you.  Thank you for supporting my fitness challenge and let's get into again tomorrow! -Nic