Hello, my name is "Change"!

Starting a new job is uncomfortable.  Deciding to break a bad habit is uncomfortable.  Moving to another home is uncomfortable. . .going through any kind of change is, well, uncomfortable.  Yet, for a moment, think of all the things that have made you feel uncomfortable in the past. . .how did you handle it? Was it as bad as you thought? Did you survive it?

I know! Sometimes change feels like walking around with your pants down.  It's something you just don't do and it exposes too much sometimes. BUT we all go through some form of change or another.

Not everyone likes change and there's a saying that states "everyone wants things to change but no one is willing to change to make it happen".  I find that to be so true in my life because even though I am constantly changing, I don't like the idea of change.

We get comfortable being where we are and who we are.  There are times when that is OK because it's less stress and it's comfortable.  But what do you do when you know you NEED to change.  How "uncomfortable" are you in the moment? For me, I get VERY uncomfortable and angry.  I know my anger doesn't help anyone especially when I let it sit inside of me and it manifests.  So, when I realize that that is what is going on. . .I stop it immediately. 

This week, let's face CHANGE head on.  Let's sit back, let it walk right up to us and look at it eye to eye, listen to it and observe it.  What is it trying to tell us? Is it good for us? What will change lead to? Let's see what happens when we let our guard down. . .just a little bit (for some all the way) and let change happen.  I do know one thing. . .when it happens, stay positive, be optimistic and believe something good will come out of it.  Stay in a good mindset and watch how change can work in your life and not let it be so, well, uncomfortable. 

Stay Strong.