Dom, dah dom dom DOMS!

If I am not on the road traveling with my family, I am teaching group fitness during the weekends.  I have three classes, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  It's kind of great because each class is a different format. Saturday is stacked with BodyPump followed by CXWorx and Sunday is RPM.  Great programs and as an instructor you have to be strong to teach them effectively. You are not only instructing, you work OUUTT!

So, this morning when I woke up, I felt like I got hit by a bus.  Not sure how that really feels but I know it has to hurt!  It could have been that nice glass of wine that I had last night but. . .no. . .it was the workoutS.  My oldest daughter wanted to run this morning.  . .with me (WHAH?). . .and that wasn't pretty at all.  My muscles and legs were SCreaMInG at me when we hit mile 1.43.  Yes, I remember the exact mileage because I wanted to cry!

Me and my sexy foam roller GOT BUSY!

Many of you may be familiar with what I am typing about. The day after your workout and your legs, arms...ok the entire body feels like OH MY GOODNESS. . not good! Your muscles are sore and you SWEAR you will never workout again but your trainer tells you that you are. AHHHH!

What you are experiencing is DOMS which is short for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. DOMS is pain or discomfort usually felt 24 to 72 hours after intense exercise or unaccustomed physical activity.  For me, it wasn't unaccustomed physical activity it was definitely the intense workout. DOMS is a stage in your training where your body has been challenged in a way that it is not use to and your muscle fibers have been manipulated in order to grow and help you become stronger.  

As a trainer, I do not recommend going out for a run with your high school kid BUT what you should do is drink A LOT of water and get protein in your system within an hour after your workout.  (Water = Oxygen to the Muscles and Protein = Building/rebuilding lean muscles.) Get a good nights sleep but keep moving in the next 24-72 hours.   "Keep moving" means walk or get a light jog in the next day.  Static Stretching is very effective after every workout and before you workout.  Make sure you actively stretch to get the heart rate up and the muscles warm, ready to go.  Do not go back to heavy weight training or intense training the next day.  If you do, you are at high risk for an injury.  You need to allow your body to recover properly.   

 She looks sweet but she is too fast. UGH! My legs HURRRRTTTT!

She looks sweet but she is too fast. UGH! My legs HURRRRTTTT!

If the pain continues into 72 hours, make sure that your next workout is not as intense.  Maybe you or your trainer will make small changes in your workout before you tackle it again.  Do not give up when you experience DOMS.  If you are not sure that you have DOMS check in with your doctor before pushing yourself through another workout.

Have Fun, Work Hard. . .Look GOOD!