My First Time

...with the Slim Clip!

I was going to do a video today but I didn't comb my happy-snappy I better wait so I don't scare people away from this really cool new accessory of mine called the Slim Clip.  I ran 3 miles this morning and used the Slim Clip for the first time.  It IS slim and it clipped nicely onto my shorts. Since I am use to having my mobile device inside of a modern day fanny pack (Spibelt), I was afraid that my iPhone was going to slip or fall out.  It did neither one of those things...THANK GOODNESS!

I would not call myself a smooth runner.  I was in the zone this morning but I usually hit every bump, jump over every puddle and dodge all the snails along my path. So, for the Slim Clip to NOT MOVE when doing all of that silliness was a HUGE plus for me! 

A few things I LoVe about the Slim Clip!

  • Slim.  It's easily a second skin for your phone.  Not bulky AT ALL.
  • Clips.  At first, you think your phone will slide out but the Slim Clip is durable and resilient.  
  • Smooth.  I am all about the feel and touch as well as the way a product looks.  This case is very smooth and soft to the touch.
  • Simple.  Slim Clip is easy to slide over your phone.  Easy to clip onto your gear and easy to move around, hands free.  

Look for my video next week on the Slim Clip.  I should be well groomed by then. LOL! 

Have a great weekend everyone and get a Weekend Workout in! Run, Jump, Walk or Cycle.  Get something in but first remember to have FUN doing it!